When the husband is too agreeable

Yesterday was one of those days of self-loathing. I had gotten off a nasty call with a prospective client yesterday and I was still reeling, so I decided to be a bitch for the rest of the day. That included teaching the manager of a resto a lesson on serving starters.

The husband and I were walking side-by-side, with him carrying our bag of complimentary takeaway from the resto “for the inconvenience”. I was suddenly hit with remorse, and told him how at times I still can’t help but bring out my inner bitch. I continued on by saying that having him in my life has mellowed me.

I waited for the usual “oh-you’re-not-a-bitch-baby” from him and then a kiss.

Oh I got the kiss alright, and then a whisper of assurance, “I’m glad I am able to help you in some way”.

WTF was that?!

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