Birthday at Tagaytay: Bag Of Beans

Bag of Beans, TagaytayI was curious as to why my friend Aileen was surprised that I hadn’t heard of Bag of Beans so when we went to Tagaytay for my birthday weekend, we made sure to stop by the place. Thankfully, the original Bag of Beans was right at the corner before turning towards Wilson’s Place.

We went there for drinks after lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. The café’s façade was quite deceiving. From the outside you’d think it was a quaint little coffee shop. We were wrong.

There were two large outdoor parking spaces for the customers that seemed to keep pouring in despite the fact that it was a Friday. The place was undergoing renovation when we got there, and the server informed me that they were having the buffet room redone. Buffet room? Continue reading Birthday at Tagaytay: Bag Of Beans

Birthday in Tagaytay: Puzzle Mansion

Puzzle Mansion, TagaytayWe’ve passed by the signs pointing to Puzzle Mansion so many times during our many trips to Tagaytay but we never got around to going to the place. All we knew was that the place literally was a Guinness record-holding mansion full of puzzles. During this latest trip, as luck would have it, Puzzle Mansion was on the way to Wilson’s Place where we stayed.

We headed off to the mansion a little before lunch. From the main road, we had to go further in and passed by these pillars that signaled the mansion was near.

We reached a guard post and a man was making a sign for us to make a left. We didn’t anticipate what we saw next. The blue and white structure can be seen from afar, but the concrete road leading to it was very steep. I Puzzle Mansion, Tagaytayknow the husband hesitated going down the incline in his beloved project car, but we already made it that far and so we had no choice. The trip downhill wasn’t so bad, it turned out.

We were led to a dirt parking area which I guess they were still trying to build because there was no way they can get more people to visit what they now consider a local tourist attraction with that kind of garage.

The fee to enter the mansion was Php 100 per person, and we bought our tickets from the makeshift restaurant by the parking area that also sold coconut pie – a famous delicacy we were told. We saw this bit of Filipiniana parked outside the building. It was really eye-catching as it matched the building’s exterior colors of blue and white. Continue reading Birthday in Tagaytay: Puzzle Mansion

Birthday in Tagaytay: Wilson’s Place

Another year to be thankful for. To celebrate, the husband suggested that we have my birthday weekend out-of-town. Where else to go but Tagaytay? I asked my BFF Aileen if she knew of any good places to go spend a couple of nights at. She suggested Balai Indang, or the swankier Wilson’s Place by the same owner. They have no website, but the photos in a post by Anton Diaz over at Our Awesome Planet convinced us to try out the latter.

Wilson’s Place is a Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay City. I called their listed mobile number and looked for Christy (as suggested by Aileen) and booked us a room for two nights. She asked us to make a deposit of Php 1,500 to their BDO account and then we made confirmations via SMS. It was a pretty smooth transaction. Just remember to bring the deposit receipt with you because I didn’t. 😀

We left Pasig  at around 5:30 am early on Friday and headed South. We had to be out of Manila before 7am due to the car coding scheme. By 6:30 am, we were already at the NLEX and had breakfast at the Pancake House near the Petron Station. There were several buses carrying teens from Colegio San Agustin. I remember getting annoyed at the teenage girls casually cutting in the queue in the ladies’ room. Kids! Continue reading Birthday in Tagaytay: Wilson’s Place