Philosophy at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall


My sister told me about the Philosophy Help Me Retinol Cream in one of our Facetime convos, and when I did some research last week, I discovered that only the Beauty Bar carries the brand in the Philippines. I thought about ordering online but the nightmare of having to claim them at Phil Post stopped me. Philosophy is a US brand.

Then as if by some twist of fate, I learned that Philosophy is opening its own shop in the new SM Megamall Fashion Hall that opened last January 27. Someone up there loves me! 😀

I waited until the next day and dragged my brother to drive me to the new wing. We parked at Mega A Building so the access to the wing was easy, and the store was at the second floor. I was just too excited to see what else they were selling. Continue reading Philosophy at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall