Cody, Our Persian-Himalayan Cat

It’s my birthday today and I thought I’d write about this one precious gift that was given to me 5 years ago. 🙂

Prior to having our pets now, I was a given a puppy by one of my best friends a few years ago as a birthday gift. I also had an aquarium full of red cichlid fish at the time (I had seen the movie Nemo and fell in love with fish so I went out and bought them as soon as we left the cinema. I couldn’t find any clown fish.). The puppy’s name was Buster and he was really adorable. I had a hard time caring for him though and actually didn’t know a thing about caring for a pet. Good thing my housemate’s aunt adopted him and took him home with her where he can play with other dogs. While I had Buster, my fish died one by one. It was actually strange how they died because it seemed like they each committed suicide. We found them dead on the floor of our apartment. After my dog went away and all my fish were gone, I had more fish when I moved to a condo unit by myself. They lasted for about 8 months before they also died. I felt that I was probably not cut out for caring for animals… yet.

I then met my soon-to-be husband who, along with his entire family, was an animal lover. When I met him his family had around 2 cats and 4 dogs at the time. This was very interesting to me because I grew up in a house in which dogs were merely guard dogs and cats were strays who only came by our kitchen to feed on scraps. Our dogs were always kept on chains and stayed underneath our home. I think my brothers played with our dogs when they were younger, but during my time, I never got to play with them because they had seemed too wild for me. We never adopted the stray cats either, although I do remember vividly one afternoon when my Mom came home with a kitten in her hand. She said that it followed her home from the other end of the block and wouldn’t go back where it came from when she tried to shoo it away. The cat didn’t last long. Our helper at the time wasn’t too fond of cats and she threw scalding water at it until it ran away and never ever came back. 🙁

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