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PS1 in miltary
Photo borrowed from Purse Blog

I have been lusting after the Proenza Schouler PS1 in military for about a year now. I just love how understated it is but completely functional with all sorts of compartments. I felt that the medium size was just right for me. It’s a bit pricey – about $1,600 on the PS website but more than Php 100k here in Adora Greenbelt, their only retailer in the Philippines. I held the bag and examined it, and loved the soft leather so much so I started saving up for it. Alas, when I had saved enough and had gone back to the store, they only had the two-toned ones from the latest collections. My PS1 in military was gone! I scoured the internet for it, wary that there are online shops that sell fakes. I asked from friends and relatives in the US if they can bring it home for me (customs tax is about 30% here if I have it couriered from there), but no one is coming home soon and I am too impatient to wait for anyone who will. Even my sister in Dubai helped me look for it but she said that the brand pulled out of Harvey Nichols 6 months ago. Alas, it just can’t be mine right now. Other brands have their own line of satchels (like Mulberry but I’m not a fan) but none I found that are as nice and as discreet as the PS1; there is hardly any branding on it. On one of our trips to Edsa Shangrila, ย I remember going inside this one store, Rabeanco,ย in their new East Wing, and so we went and looked inside to see their bags. They have satchels and I instantly fell in love with them! They didn’t have medium-sized ones like the PS1, but the small ones are just right for me. It can fit my iPad, my wallet, makeup kit and so much other stuff because it expands. Best of all, it is only less than 1/4 the price of the PS1!!! I got the bag in grey, but I also loved it in coral. The husband wanted me to get the brown too but it just looked so common to me. The SA told me that 4 of these in the large size were purchased by 2 gentlemen the day before. Rabeanco grey satchel Rabeanco grey satchel side view Can you see how soft the leather is? Upon further research online, Rabeanco was featured in Vogue UK in 2011. If you click the link to the article and view the gallery, you will see my bag at the left when you scroll down. Since the satchel was from the 2011 collection, it no longer shows on their website. I wonder how I’ve never heard about this brand before but I’ll definitely be going back to that store. It’s a global brand with its HQ it HongKong, and the bags are made with pure Italian leather. I had already spilled something on the satchel and while it may not be visible on the photos, there are some scratches on it as I had been using it everyday since we bought it. These bothered me at first but my husband assured me that those only add to the bag’s character (which I totally agree with now!). I am so happy that I didn’t find the PS1. That means that I still have so much from my budget left for other purchases *sheepish smile here*. Ok, don’t judge me! I had also dropped by Tory Burch a week earlier and this drawstring bag in electric eel caught my eye. I like how structured it is; it doesn’t slouch but retains its shape even with nothing in it. And the color is so attractive! Plus, I don’t have a drawstring bag yet so I couldn’t resist purchasing that as well. It’s a little pricier than the Rabeanco (I’m sure it’s because of the tax), and while I’m not a big Tory Burch fan, this particular bag just wouldn’t let me leave without it. tory-burch-eletric-eel-drawstring


What bag have you purchased lately?

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2 thoughts on “Satchel Love Et Al”

  1. I am so, so, so into leather satchel bags right now. I did see a few from Miu Miu, Mango, Tory Burch and MK but I liked the Proenza PS1 one even before I knew it was P75,000+ online. The other brands looked too glamorous or too plain for me.

    Unfortunately, no stores here in Bacolod (grrr.. there’s just so much that isn’t here) so I wouldn’t really know how much it would cost in a store. Saw online it was $1,995 in the US though. It’s just so simple, no branding, no extra unnecessary fringes or wut… and leather is just so appealing to me now because it feels and looks durable. Plus metal and leather is a match made in heaven (and in delight). ARGGH. I need/want/crying out for a decent leather bag that could carry my laptop, makeup bag, wallet, and entire house! ๐Ÿ˜€ so happy for you though that you found a replacement with Rabeanco. No Rabeanco here in Bacolod either. pfft.

    I think I need to go out more and simply look on what I could find here before splurging on anything online. I think I need to like see and feel it IRL to see if I really like it. Oh but I know I do.

    Well, I’ll see how it goes but super thanks to your blog at least I’m really not so stuck on consistently thinking about getting the Proenza. Like come on dear self, there are so many brands and satchels out there.

    1. Hey, Cathy! Thanks for dropping by! My hometown is Bacolod so if you want, I can buy a Rabeanco for you and bring it there when I come home next (which is not often though). PS1s are being sold here in Adora and this one other shop at the EDSA Shang (can’t recall the name now, sorry). The medium size is more than 100k so you’ll end up paying a LOT for tax.

      Yes, I do recommend that you see the bag first in person. When I held the PS1 (in military), I was a little disappointed because I expected it to be soft leather (like lambskin at least). Although, I think they made ones in different types of leather. The one I saw in person wasn’t lambskin. Good thing I found Rabeanco! I love the soft leather. ๐Ÿ™‚

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