Les Misérables at the Solaire Theater

Night won't be complete without this pose.
Night won’t be complete without this pose.

After months of waiting, we finally saw Les Misérables at the Solaire Theater last March 14. Yes, I got our tickets as early as September of last year. Takot lang maubusan? Sayang ang 20% discount kasi.

It was just as I expected it to be. Rachelle Ann Go’s performance as Fantine took my breath away. The real show-stopper was, of course, the guy who played Jean Valjean (the husband loves to say his name over and over). Although I do admit to having dozed off twice during his solos. It was almost my bedtime after all.

I cried like a baby during the first 30 minutes of the play. The first time was when Valjean vowed to be a better man – and then I realized that was just the prologue. The second time was Fantine doing her “I Dreamed A Dream” solo. Goosebumps galore! Rachelle Ann Go makes us proud. I secretly wished I was watching Lea Salonga instead but still!

The production was fantastic. The lightplay coupled with what I could only guess is the latest in visual technology made Javert’s fall all too real.

The husband liked it too, although he did say that he would probably prefer to watch again last year’s Beauty and Beast instead of this. 😀 I did have to endure a few days of him singing this out loud:

“I dreamed a dream and in this dream
I also dreamed that I was dreaming.”


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