Goodbye, Facebook. Hello, Twitter.

Everyone I know is on Facebook. Even my Mom, who does not even know how to turn on a computer, has an account created for her (not sure why since she doesn’t even get on it). I had enjoyed sharing photos and statuses on my shared account (with the husband – he didn’t want to make his own) for years now, and I have partaken in healthy discussions with friends and colleagues, even strangers, on various topics. It was all good.

But alas, I have realized that a big chunk of my time everyday is spent on it, reading through Goodbye Facebookstatuses and endless (at times mindless) posts about corrupt politicians, internet memes or some bizarre accident that happened years ago but somehow has resurfaced and has become “viral”.

What’s worse is that I now obsess over making sure I carefully examine the photos that I’m tagged in first and then decide if I want people to see them on my timeline. I check and recheck if people like or comment on my posts. I form judgments on people’s biases, complaints, mundane thoughts, narcissistic tendencies… I have become a person I hate.

This is not me.

And so as a Christmas gift to myself (and much to my husband’s surprise – or disappointment, I’m not sure. He did ask if we saved the photos), I have requested to have my Facebook account deleted. It felt really good. And I remembered this one statement made by someone that I read not too long ago, “Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life”. That is all true, and with no good reason. I should add to that, “Facebook makes me hate myself”.

I deleted Facebook apps on my mobile and tablet, and deleted those on the husband’s too (in case he forgets and opens it, then that cancels the deletion request). I then installed TweetBot 3.0 on my iPhone as I used it on my iPad as well, and happily followed tons of people that I don’t know that make me laugh and won’t have to pass judgment on and make myself feel bad.

I’m looking forward to having real conversations with friends and family instead of the casual pokes or impersonal public messages. Perhaps to really pick up the phone and have a nice chat.

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