Dreaming About Someone In My Past

It happened again. A few months ago, I dreamed about this person from high school whom I admired from afar. I had the the biggest crush on him for several years until I left for college and went on to live my life. I can’t remember anymore what happened in my dreamcatcherdream but it must have been pleasant although it felt strange to have dreamt about the person whom I haven’t seen nor thought about for a very, very long time.

He figured in my dreams again a few nights ago. It was just him and me. It wasn’t sexy nor romantic – no, nothing like that. We were together, not sure as what, but we were hanging out and it felt natural. Well, natural in the dream. It was just one scene in which we were talking and the topic must have been mundane because I can’t even remember what it was about. What stayed with me was the ease that I felt being with him at that moment in my dream.

I woke up bewildered again because there was absolutely nothing that I had read nor seen before I went to sleep the previous night that could have pushed him into my mind enough to dream about him.

And so, in my curiosity, I did some research online. What I found was very intriguing. Most of the articles I scanned suggested that I am probably experiencing again presently the feeling that I have felt before when I knew him. And that the absence of conflict, and the feeling of comfort and peace were a testament to my real-life sense of happiness and serenity. And I agree with the explanations completely.

I have been with the man of my dreams for 6 years, married to him for the last 5 and I can’t be happier. It’s strange that it takes a dream involving another person for me to reflect on this but I guess that’s just how the mind works. It encapsulates happy thoughts and buries it in the deepest recesses of our mind and then just out of the blue brings those thoughts forward to remind us of how good we have it today.

God never ceases to amaze me with his design.

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