Digi perm 11th month update

I have been so caught up in work and a lot of other stuff that I have not been able to write here as much as I would have liked, especially to update you on the digi perm I got last January.

On my 8th month update I told you that I had still been using the Macadamia Natural Oil and up until last month, the bottle that I had was still half-full.

What changed last month? I cut my hair! The stylist at The Basement Salon took 6 inches off my tresses. I was half-expecting him to discourage me but he happily snipped away. I guess he was as bored as I was with my hair. Yes, I just got too impatient. The curls6-inches-hair-cut-off were still intact albeit loose but I just grew tired of the look and couldn’t wait to finally brush my hair again and not have to maintain it everyday with Continue reading Digi perm 11th month update

Argan Oil Miracle

In my quest for going au naturel in the products that I use for my face, hair and body, I chanced upon this post about the use of Moroccan Argan Oil. It’s interesting the facts that surround this very expensive oil.

No, it isn’t an essential oil. Yes, it comes from the argan tree that grows only in Morocco (and is now considered endangered by the UNESCO) but how it’s extracted is the fun part. 😀

Argan oil extraction is a project for the women of Morocco, particularly the Berbers. The oil is extracted from kernels inside the nut from the tree. The nuts are very hard to crack and cannot be processed by a machine so it has to be manually done. Not sure if this is true, but they say that goats climb up the argan tree, eat the nuts and the kernels are produced from their excrements (disgusted yet?) that the women gather and process for argan oil. This reminds me of the Kopi Luwak gathered from monkey’s feces! Continue reading Argan Oil Miracle

Digi perm 8th month update

8th month digi perm

It’s been 8 months since I got my digi perm. My curls have definitely become looser, but I actually prefer it this way now. The waves look more natural. I’ve had two colors done on my tresses in the past 8 months, and a trim on my layers just last week. Interestingly, the salon kept asking me where I had my highlights done and when because they still showed through even with the subsequent coloring. Hats off to Alex Carbonell!

I can safely say that whenever you feel like the curls are gone, washing your hair will bring them back. I still haven’t been tempted to brush my locks although I sort of do a lot of detangling in the shower using my fingers.  Continue reading Digi perm 8th month update

Digi perm 6th month update

My hair has grown really long! I’ve only just noticed it because it’s always up in a bun, what with the really hot and humid weather. As expected, my waves have moved down and loosened, but still very much noticeable, especially after washing it. It’s true what they say that the curls do come alive again after showering.

My vanity fund (haha!) is getting drained fast by my constant use of Kerastase’s Oleo-Curl (a big dollop a day after shower). I use up an entire 150ml bottle in about two weeks! So I decided to look for a more affordable (but not cheap!) alternative. On one of our Sunday trips to Makati, I walked by Piandre at Greenbelt 1 and saw this new line of products in their window display. I must confess, it was the packaging that got me. The earthy look promised all-natural ingredients used in the product.

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5th month digi perm update

I realize that it’s been almost a month since my last post. A LOT has happened since then, and I’ve been swamped with work (which is a good thing!).

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a 5th-month digi perm update after getting one last January.

human-heart-natureI’m quite happy with how it has maintained its curls; my hair is longer now. I did switch hair products a month ago though because my scalp wouldn’t stop itching and seeing flakes alarmed me. I’d read positive reviews about the Human Heart Nature products created by Filipinas. So far, I’m pleased with how gentle the products are to my scalp. They are, after all, made from all-natural ingredients (most of their products are 100% natural). Rustan’s didn’t have the lush vanilla scent available for both shampoo and conditioner, so I tried their mandarin citrus conditioner. Both scents smell great. I had read that the scents don’t last long during the day but I haven’t really noticed that because I mostly stay indoors. I had just purchased the lush vanilla conditioner so now that’s the pair that I’m using on my curls. The 500ml bottles cost around Php 290+ each in select supermarkets. I have only found them in Rustan’s so far; not sure if Watson’s carries them but PCX definitely doesn’t. Beauty Bar only has their make-up line. Continue reading 5th month digi perm update

Digi perm a month after

Wonder what happens to your hair a month after getting a digi perm?

Well it’s been more than a month, actually 6 weeks, after I got mine. My adventure started here in case you haven’t read that post yet. Yes, I call it an adventure because I’ve never had a perm, digital or otherwise, my entire life and this one is a major change for me!

Sorry if the pic is a little blurred

The curls have loosened somewhat now, which is a good thing. I’m just not sure that the layers are okay though because I sometimes find stray curls sticking out from one side of my head like they needed to be tucked somewhere.

I like how the curls stick together in sections after I apply the Kerastase Oleo-curl and my hair had dried. Big 80s, teased hair is the last thing I want mine to look like.

I did notice though that the front part on both sides have lost their curls and are just a little wavy now, which is a little disappointing. I have been religiously sticking to the instructions which are:

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I got on the digi perm bandwagon

I have always had straight hair. It used to be really straight and then the humidity caught up with me until it became frizzy and limp. I have thin hair so I can’t get a rebond. I toyed with a hair-straightener for about a year because my housemate with the same type of hair coaxed me into it, but like always, I got lazy. I never really took time to brush or do anything special to my hair except the usual conditioning or treatment.

Then a friend of mind got a digi-perm, and suddenly more girls are. This Korean craze has been quite popular here for some time now but I’ve never really been the girly girl so I really didn’t put much thought into it.

Until late last year when I suddenly realized how boring my hair was and I just wanted to try something new. I first asked about it when I got my highlights done by Alex Carbonell. He advised me to wait until my hair’s 3 inches longer to do it. I was willing to wait til it grew out this July but then I went to a Fix Lab outlet at the Trinoma and Chad, the stylist, suggested that I get a digi perm to add volume. And so I did (it didn’t take a lot of convincing). The hubby sat with me all of three hours (bless him) while he got a manicure and foot spa.  Continue reading I got on the digi perm bandwagon