I am still alive!

Wow. My last post was in April! I’m sorry! I have kept myself so busy with work and not having a maid, and my sewing projects. Then we had our clan reunion in Bohol, then had to go home to my hometown Bacolod to keep my Mom company for a week. To top it off, the rains have made it impossible to keep our yard clean so there is the constant leaf-picking that never seem to end. KAPOY!

There is so much I want to write about that I don’t even know where to start, or if I even have the energy to.

I will give my next post a lot of thought so I have at least something worthy to read again. Haha! Talk later!


Doggie Love

Dogs know when we’re happy or angry

My sister posted this article on Facebook this morning and I was immediately reminded of what happened two weeks ago. I was in the craft room, quietly crying over an incident that really devastated me, and the husband had just gone in to comfort me. As he was leaving the room, I noticed that our two dogs were standing outside the door, staring at me. The look of concern was plastered on their faces. When I looked at them, it seemed as if they took that as a cue to come inside the room and nuzzle me with their noses. They were not allowed in the room much less in that general area of the house, and were always aware of that and seldom attempted to even go near. However, they must have felt my sadness and forgot all about the house rules to rush beside me and comfort me. It was so heartwarming. I really felt so loved by them. Having them in my life is such a blessing.



Stilts Calatagan in Batangas

Summer is here again and before school lets out and the beaches get crowded, the husband and I trooped to one for my birthday weekend. We had been looking for a pet-friendly beach so that our ten-year-old labrador retriever, Bishop, may experience how it is to frolic in the sand while he is still able to. When I saw that a friend was a fan of the Facebook page of Stilts Calatagan in Batangas, I looked at their photos of the place and saw that they are open to bringing in pets. I was excited for my babies!

It took about 3 hours from our house in QC to the resort via the Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway.

These lovely trees lined the road along a hacienda in Batangas owned by Enrique Zobel
These lovely trees lined the road along a hacienda in Batangas owned by Enrique Zobel

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Inappropriate Comments

For the second time in two days, salespeople have made inappropriate comments toward me:

  1. As I was paying for my sewing machine yesterday: “Ma’am, wala kayong anak? (You have no kids?) Kaya ka ba naghahanap ng malilibangan? (Is that why you’re looking for a hobby?)”.
  2. As I was booking a venue for my birthday and told the lady that I didn’t want any birthday decor: “Catholic ka ba? (Are you Catholic?)”.

What gives???

Allergy Attacks

Feeling drained. I’ve been battling allergies for the past week. Today was the worst attack so far right from when I awoke this morning.

I love this place where we live now but all this fresh, cold air seem to be bad for me. My husband thinks it’s probably the pollen.

I finally fell asleep for 3 hours this afternoon but it struck again as soon as I awoke. It’s terrible! I’d never had this until we moved here. And now I’m wide awake at 1:25 in the morning writing this, still sneezing and wheezing but unable to sleep.

I am so tired.

Because Galunggong

This lady from the Greenpeace booth at the Edsa Shang called me over to sign on their form as a means of showing support for their efforts in preserving the marine ecosystem. While she was giving a presentation on how the size of our local fish are getting smaller and smaller due to continuous abuse of their habitat (which is really alarming, btw!), she asked me if I loved seafood to which I answered yes. She proceeded to point to ‘galunggong’ (local scad or mackerel) in the photos, looked me up and down and remarked, “You look sosyal – I don’t think you eat galunggong”. I wanted to punch her in the face. And yes, she was speaking in Taglish – the usual conyo talk. Who’s sosyal (or pa-sosyal) now?

And she expected me to contribute to Greenpeace Php 800 a month after that spectacle?

NOTE: I don’t like the taste of galunggong, or hito, because for me they taste like paper.

P.S.: Greenpeace, you have got to screen the people who speak for you.

Giving an Old Bed a New Old Look

As soon as we made our final decision to stay put in Manila and move to a bigger and quieter space, I immediately thought of giving an old bed a new old look, shabby chic-style. We have one of those iron beds with wooden posts and it literally was the last remaining piece of bedroom furniture that I hadn’t restored yet. Thank heavens for my husband who indulges me!

Armed with an allen wrench, I set out to dismantle our bed and lift the really heavy queen-sized orthopedic mattress. I didn’t really lift it off so much as slide it to the side and push the other side to rest against the wall. I then took the bed pieces downstairs to the open garage and laid them on pieces of packing paper.

I had white spray paint and primer for both wood and metal waiting, as well as sand paper – all bought from Handyman at the Robinsons.  The only thing I had forgotten to buy was a mask. Continue reading Giving an Old Bed a New Old Look