My Body Is Weak

And I have believed that for a while now. Last Monday night I suddenly awoke due to a sharp pain behind my left kneecap (yes, of all places). I had experienced some pain earlier in the evening but it had somehow escalated while I was asleep. It came and went for a few minutes and I kept twisting my leg around hoping to find some relief until I finally tucked my left leg in under my thigh and the husband gave me a Biogesic (my only go-to pain reliever). Not sure if it was the medicine but I finally fell asleep again. Continue reading My Body Is Weak

Allergy Attacks

Feeling drained. I’ve been battling allergies for the past week. Today was the worst attack so far right from when I awoke this morning.

I love this place where we live now but all this fresh, cold air seem to be bad for me. My husband thinks it’s probably the pollen.

I finally fell asleep for 3 hours this afternoon but it struck again as soon as I awoke. It’s terrible! I’d never had this until we moved here. And now I’m wide awake at 1:25 in the morning writing this, still sneezing and wheezing but unable to sleep.

I am so tired.

Why I’m Not Keen On Getting Pregnant After 35

My husband and I will be married for 6 years this year. Like most couples our age, we have been trying to get pregnant but have not had any success.

speculumOh wait – I had gotten positive results twice and miscarried both times in the very early weeks. The last one was very traumatic as I had never before been poked and probed with a very large speculum and three male nurses curiously looking on. It turns out that the doctor who was working on me had no idea what she was doing.

But I digress. Continue reading Why I’m Not Keen On Getting Pregnant After 35

Human Heart Nature Delivery

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a LBC package just now from the Human Heart Nature delivery service when I placed my order just yesterday. The products were tightly and packed and sealed in a brown box and were wrapped in HHN paper inside to keep them secure.

It has been a challenge trying to find their products at the stores near my place and they would usually have the conditioner and not the shampoo or vice versa. So it was just great when I found out that they now ship right to my doorstep. And so quick to arrive too! I didn’t waste time to share the good news with my friends and family, especially because they also ship to the US. Their customer service is great as well. I placed the order in the late morning and a few hours later, I received a personal email from their agent letting me know that they ran out of the Mandarin Citrus scent for conditioner and can replace it with Lush Vanilla or just send my original order for me with no extra shipping charge when it becomes available. Talk about service! I didn’t mind getting the Lush Vanilla so I opted for that instead. Continue reading Human Heart Nature Delivery

Beijing Foot Spa

This is officially going to be my first review of anything – service or product – just because I felt that I had to write about my experience.

I am definitely going back to Beijing Foot Spa. The husband and I were sipping our Beijing Foot Spacoffees at the newly opened Starbucks in Capitol Commons yesterday when he asked if we could get a foot spa somewhere in the vicinity. I immediately looked up ones that are good (and open) and Beijing Foot Spa was on top of the list with good reviews. The place is only about 5 kilometers away at Frontera Drive, in front of Tiendesitas, and since there was no traffic, we decided to give it a go. I had called ahead to reserve two slots in case the place was full (which didn’t seem to be when we arrived). Continue reading Beijing Foot Spa

Argan Oil Miracle

In my quest for going au naturel in the products that I use for my face, hair and body, I chanced upon this post about the use of Moroccan Argan Oil. It’s interesting the facts that surround this very expensive oil.

No, it isn’t an essential oil. Yes, it comes from the argan tree that grows only in Morocco (and is now considered endangered by the UNESCO) but how it’s extracted is the fun part. 😀

Argan oil extraction is a project for the women of Morocco, particularly the Berbers. The oil is extracted from kernels inside the nut from the tree. The nuts are very hard to crack and cannot be processed by a machine so it has to be manually done. Not sure if this is true, but they say that goats climb up the argan tree, eat the nuts and the kernels are produced from their excrements (disgusted yet?) that the women gather and process for argan oil. This reminds me of the Kopi Luwak gathered from monkey’s feces! Continue reading Argan Oil Miracle

My 1-minute Banana-Mango Smoothie

My husband LOVES cold or frozen food – ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies. The fruit salad that I make that I keep in the freezer is a nightly snack for him (unhealthy, I know!). I myself don’t care for these cream or dairy-filled stuff not just because I have low tolerance for lactose but because I’m just not too fond of the taste. I do like smoothies though because you can use yogurt in it instead of milk.

When I was growing up, our cousins had this ice crusher in the shape of a small brown elephant and I always marveled at how nicely the crushed ice came out (and how adorable the elephant was!), perfect for the local “iced scramble” (which I loved to buy for 1 peso a cup outside our school). They would put the ice cubes inside the back compartment of the elephant and then turn the top lever round and round until the crushed ice started coming out.

Continue reading My 1-minute Banana-Mango Smoothie

Tea Tree Oil Magic

For our anniversary, my husband and I went up to Baguio to lavish in the cool weather and explore. That was Uma’s first long trip and to a hilly destination at that but we still braved it. He wanted to test her endurance.

If you’re wondering who Uma is, she is hubby’s pre-loved Nissan Sentra B14, his project and prized possession. Isn’t she beautiful? Those are new shoes he had just bought.


Yeah. I didn’t care for cars before I met him but now I take a second to look at any car’s drop, the hum from the muffler, bumpers and side skirts and mags and… oh, the list goes on. Continue reading Tea Tree Oil Magic