Epicurious in Manila

It was a Sunday afternoon and the husband and I had just finally finished our Christmas shopping. We decided to grab a bite to eat before heading home. Shangrila Mall is our favorite mall but since we had moved out and away from Kapitolyo, this was our first visit here in 4 months.

Since we were mostly familiar with the original mall, we wandered off into the new wing until we almost reached a dead end – or so we thought. From afar, I saw a funky sign “Epicurious” and knew instantly that we had to try it out. I knew I had heard that name before somewhere.

Epicurious Manila is a combination of deli + bakery + cafe + shop for foodies/food lovers. My husband and I love meat and so it was a real treat to see all kinds of meat and cheeses on display. They can serve you slices of ham and cheeses of your choice in a platter, or they can choose for you. It’s like Santis except that Santis does not have a sit-down area for meals. Continue reading Epicurious in Manila

Steveston Pizza at UP Town Center

The husband and I were on our way back to Pasig from the new house in QC one morning and we were taking the usual C5 route along Katipunan. It was already lunchtime so we decided to drop by the UP Town Center. Ayala’s newest mall along Katipunan boasts of new restaurants, one of them Shrimp Bucket that we have dined in twice already. This time we opted for something else.

The sight of prosciutto from a window poster made me convince him to dine at Steveston Pizza. I love prosciutto! It always reminds me of those vacations I took long ago in Hongkong Goldcoast. My sister would take home pizza from the local restaurant and the pizza was divine because of the saltiness of the prosciutto. When I asked my sister about it on my next visit, she said the place had shut down after a drug bust. After recovering from shock at the news, I had since been on the hunt for the best prosciutto pizza. I have not found it yet and it’s been years.

So there we were at Steveston (the name is a little tricky to pronounce)  and there was nothing on the menu but all kinds of pizza. Oh, and cesar salad and chicken wings. I liked how you can watch them put the pizza together at the bar next to the cashier.


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Takashi Japanese Restaurant at Pioneer Center

We love Japanese food (and I, particularly, ramen) and within the Kapitolyo area, we are big fans of Ramencool. We have also tried Cafe Juanita’s Haru. When we saw the newly opened Takeshi Japanese restaurant at Pioneer Center we decided to have our early dinner there.

takashi4 Continue reading Takashi Japanese Restaurant at Pioneer Center

10 Things I Will Miss About Kapitolyo

Moving again. It’s still something I am strangely looking forward to, although certainly not to all the packing that comes with it. I’ve moved a lot since I was 19 so I can safely say I’m an expert at dumping all my clothes in several pieces of garbage bags (haha!), but I’ve never become so attached to a neighborhood as I have to Kapitolyo. Yes, I will not miss the house, but the neighborhood. You see, Kapitolyo, Pasig, is a combination of quiet residential and bustling food corner. We live in a sort of cul-de-sac with no annoying sounds during the day and only the singing love birds coming from our neighbors across the street. It almost feels like living in the province, except when you turn right down the road, you enter the busy East Capitol drive and you are immediately thrust in the middle of foodie paradise. Kapitolyo is not just all about food though, so I’ve compiled the top 10 things I will miss about Kapitolyo (in no particular order): Continue reading 10 Things I Will Miss About Kapitolyo

Tuna Turnovers Using Puff Pastry

My sister from Australia would sometimes call us on Facetime while she’s cooking dinner for her family. One time she was kneading dough on her kitchen table. Now I’m a kitchen novice so what she was doing was a little intimidating. When she explained that she was simply rolling out the store-bought dough to prep it for the fillings, I felt a little more confident. Plus, it looked really yummy. Continue reading Tuna Turnovers Using Puff Pastry

My 1-minute Banana-Mango Smoothie

My husband LOVES cold or frozen food – ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies. The fruit salad that I make that I keep in the freezer is a nightly snack for him (unhealthy, I know!). I myself don’t care for these cream or dairy-filled stuff not just because I have low tolerance for lactose but because I’m just not too fond of the taste. I do like smoothies though because you can use yogurt in it instead of milk.

When I was growing up, our cousins had this ice crusher in the shape of a small brown elephant and I always marveled at how nicely the crushed ice came out (and how adorable the elephant was!), perfect for the local “iced scramble” (which I loved to buy for 1 peso a cup outside our school). They would put the ice cubes inside the back compartment of the elephant and then turn the top lever round and round until the crushed ice started coming out.

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