Yosi Samra Love

I recently developed the habit of buying shoes. I was never a shoe addict. Purses have always been my thing. There was a time when I would buy a lot of flip-flops at a time but never a bunch of shoes.

When I say shoes, I don’t mean the high-heeled kind. They hurt like a b*tch and I’m not about to subject my feet to that kind of suffering.

I mean flats. The kind that’s super comfy and almost feels like a glove worn around the feet. I’ve been wearing ballet flats for a while (but mostly sandals). I heard about Tieks – super expensive and (thank goodness!) not available here in the PH. I would have bankrupted myself from buying their ridiculously expensive but really cute-looking flats.

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Pandora Philippines Private Sale

I’ve been a loyal Pandora customer (and gift-recipient) ever since the brand hit Philippine shores. So when I received the email invite for the so-called Members-only Private Sale on Dec 29th, I was ecstatic. Pandora has never had a sale – not once. I made a point to enter the 5-hour one-day only sale in my calendar and booked my husband’s time to drive me to the nearest branch at the Trinoma.

This was their email:

We are excited to announce a Private PANDORA Sale happening December 29th, 11AM to 4PM across all PANDORA branches. This sale is exclusive to all our valued members and grants you early access to various collections at reduced price points of up to 30% to 50% discount.

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My Kokeshi from Australia

I got so excited when my sister who lives in Australia told me that she was sending over a kokeshi for me that she saw in a vintage shop in Sydney. It took a while for it to arrive since I had to go all the way to PhilPost to claim it, but I have it now and it’s a great addition to my collection.

Kokeshi from Australia

It’s stands about 4 inches but didn’t have any box nor name on it. It looks really old though. I wonder who the previous owner is! The shape is so unlike my other kokeshis since it actually has kimono sleeves sticking out of its body which the others don’t have.  Also, the hair is painted on unlike the other kokeshis I have that have carved wood for hair. This means that this type of kokeshi is more traditional and thus older than the ones a friend from Japan got me. Fantastic! I have a traditional one!

I was saddened when I discovered that there are no new Kimmidolls in Rustan’s, just a few from the old collection. I do hope they restock!


Birthday in Tagaytay: Puzzle Mansion

Puzzle Mansion, TagaytayWe’ve passed by the signs pointing to Puzzle Mansion so many times during our many trips to Tagaytay but we never got around to going to the place. All we knew was that the place literally was a Guinness record-holding mansion full of puzzles. During this latest trip, as luck would have it, Puzzle Mansion was on the way to Wilson’s Place where we stayed.

We headed off to the mansion a little before lunch. From the main road, we had to go further in and passed by these pillars that signaled the mansion was near.

We reached a guard post and a man was making a sign for us to make a left. We didn’t anticipate what we saw next. The blue and white structure can be seen from afar, but the concrete road leading to it was very steep. I Puzzle Mansion, Tagaytayknow the husband hesitated going down the incline in his beloved project car, but we already made it that far and so we had no choice. The trip downhill wasn’t so bad, it turned out.

We were led to a dirt parking area which I guess they were still trying to build because there was no way they can get more people to visit what they now consider a local tourist attraction with that kind of garage.

The fee to enter the mansion was Php 100 per person, and we bought our tickets from the makeshift restaurant by the parking area that also sold coconut pie – a famous delicacy we were told. We saw this bit of Filipiniana parked outside the building. It was really eye-catching as it matched the building’s exterior colors of blue and white. Continue reading Birthday in Tagaytay: Puzzle Mansion

Satchel Love Et Al

PS1 in miltary
Photo borrowed from Purse Blog

I have been lusting after the Proenza Schouler PS1 in military for about a year now. I just love how understated it is but completely functional with all sorts of compartments. I felt that the medium size was just right for me. It’s a bit pricey – about $1,600 on the PS website but more than Php 100k here in Adora Greenbelt, their only retailer in the Philippines. I held the bag and examined it, and loved the soft leather so much so I started saving up for it. Alas, when I had saved enough and had gone back to the store, they only had the two-toned ones from the latest collections. My PS1 in military was gone! I scoured the internet for it, wary that there are online shops that sell fakes. I asked from friends and relatives in the US if they can bring it home for me (customs tax is about 30% here if I have it couriered from there), but no one is coming home soon and I am too impatient to wait for anyone who will. Even my sister in Dubai helped me look for it but she said that the brand pulled out of Harvey Nichols 6 months ago. Alas, it just can’t be mine right now. Continue reading Satchel Love Et Al

New Additions to My Kimmidoll Tribe

I love kokeshi! I’ve been collecting Kimmidolls for two years now and the new dolls always make me want to have more!

As soon as I saw the post by Kimmidoll Philippines about the March 2013 dolls, I knew I just had to have one! I loved Kyoka on their photo, because she’s garbed in just white with blue lines and is so different from my other dolls’ striking colors. Plus, Kyoka means “happiness”!

Kyoka "Happiness"
Kyoka – Happiness

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My Japanese dolls

Until about two years ago, my idea of a Japanese doll was the Sailor Moon-type appearance with flawless skin and huge, expressive eyes.  Or this doll at the left, which they actually call the Geisha doll.

I was Christmas shopping at Rustan’s Makati and browsing their knick-knacks when I saw the dolls. Oh my! It was love at first sight! The hubby had gotten started on his miniature die-cast car collection and we had been thinking about starting one for me (as if I didn’t have enough stuff to collect).

These are Kimmidolls – Japanese dolls by an Australian company, manufactured in China (!). These dolls are of the “creative” type – which means that the artists have more freedom in terms of shape, design and color, compared to the traditional Japanese dolls, the kokeshi.* 

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