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Still reeling from the makeup convos I had with my sister over Facetime, I had vowed to find myself a complete eye palette that I can use for day and night. I had taken a recent liking to Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and had bought myself the following before Valentine’s Day:

  1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream (Eye) Shadow in Bone
  2. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light

I like that I only need my finger to apply the eye shadow and it instantly lights up my eyes when I apply it all over my eyelid up to the area below my eyebrows. It instantly illuminates the eye area.

The bronzing powder eliminates the use of blush for me and it highlights parts of my face while creates shadows where I slightly dust off with the powder using my kabuki brush. Very clever!

I didn’t want to go overboard with my purchases but the store had a Valentine gimmick at the time in that they would ask for your boyfriend’s or husband’s mobile number and would send them a SMS on Valentine’s Day about the makeup that would be best to give as a gift. I assumed there would be a discount so when the husband received the SMS on the day and then we went to their counter at Rustan’s, we realized it was just a marketing ploy (hello, gullible!) and there would be no discount.

bobbi-brown-navy-and-nude-eye-paletteStill, the new limited edition Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude Eye Palette I saw on the shelf stood out in its marbled blue shell and I couldn’t resist taking a look at it. The palette is so pretty! There are 7 shades of nude in matte, sparkle and shimmer and a very rich navy blue shade that can also double as a liner. I haven’t had the chance to use the navy blue yet but so far I am loving the metallic twilight pink over the matte naked shade, and then the ivory to highlight the eyebrows. They say you can mix and match the colors and there is no sequence or combination that you absolutely have to follow. Use the shimmery shades to transition to nighttime and highlight the corners of the eye. So many ways to experiment with color!

The palette comes in a pretty hefty price tag at Php 3,200 but because of my Citibank rewards points, I only had to pay half. Hallelujah!

My MAC brushes also need some upgrading since I bought the set in 2009 (although they still look like new!) so I had been eyeing the brush set over at Bobbi Brown’s as well. I like how each brush is labeled because I have a hard time remembering which brush to use for what. I will have to visit the store in Megamall again.

What’s your favorite Bobbi Brown product?

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