Birthday in Tagaytay: Calaruega Retreat House, Batangas

I realize I hadn’t posted about our side trip to Calaruega when we last went to Tagaytay for my birthday. Calaruega is actually in Batangas but it was a short trip from Wilson’s Place in Tagaytay. Calaruega has always intrigued me due to the numerous stories I had been told about beautiful weddings that were held there. I had never had the opportunity to go, and so when we decided to drive there on a whim, I was too excited. We were greeted with the breathtaking view of the countryside on our way there.

Calaruega is primarily a retreat house but the church at the top of the hill is what made it famous.

Despite the heat, we combed the grounds and even climbed up two hills. One had an open chaplet and the other was the frequent wedding venue.

My husband, the hopeless romantic that he is, whispered to me that he wanted to get married there. I wonder who he’s marrying next. 😀

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    1. We noticed nga na maraming nagpipicnic sa area. Malaki ang place and malamig so I guess it’s the perfect setting for most. I saw tents too. 🙂

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