Because Galunggong

This lady from the Greenpeace booth at the Edsa Shang called me over to sign on their form as a means of showing support for their efforts in preserving the marine ecosystem. While she was giving a presentation on how the size of our local fish are getting smaller and smaller due to continuous abuse of their habitat (which is really alarming, btw!), she asked me if I loved seafood to which I answered yes. She proceeded to point to ‘galunggong’ (local scad or mackerel) in the photos, looked me up and down and remarked, “You look sosyal – I don’t think you eat galunggong”. I wanted to punch her in the face. And yes, she was speaking in Taglish – the usual conyo talk. Who’s sosyal (or pa-sosyal) now?

And she expected me to contribute to Greenpeace Php 800 a month after that spectacle?

NOTE: I don’t like the taste of galunggong, or hito, because for me they taste like paper.

P.S.: Greenpeace, you have got to screen the people who speak for you.

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