Lessons From Bullying

I was considered a smart kid in grade school. I attended a Chinese Christian school in Kindergarten, but was transferred to the Catholic University where my Mom taught so that I didn’t have to pay tuition. As a newcomer, I was placed in the third section, the last section, in first grade but in the same year I received the highest honors. It was an enjoyable time and I made some friends with whom I’d exchanged stationery and played jack stones on the school grounds.

It was during my second year in the new school that I was transferred to the first section where they say all the smart ones were, and I started getting bullied. The bullies were not only boys, but girls too. The big girls in class who seemed to have reached puberty early were not so nice to me. This was around the same time that our adviser would assign me to write down the names of those who disturbed the class by talking whenever she would leave the room. At first I enjoyed the task because I was a stickler for rules, but later on I realized that the other kids were calling me the “teacher’s pet” and the bullies were starting to notice me more and more. I felt their stares on my back each time I’d write down a name for breaking the rules, and they would make snide remarks that made the class laugh. That year, I only got the second highest honors.

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Blogging for Beginners: Install WordPress Manually On Your Host

This is the 4th installment in my “Blogging for Beginners” series. In the previous post, we talked about how to install WordPress on your host using Fantastico. If you don’t have Fantastico (or in some cases they are called 1-click install scripts), you can manually install WordPress using FTP. You will still need access to your control panel to create the database though.

NOTE: If you are not sure of the steps or have run into some errors in the installation, contact me. I can help. 🙂

If you’re new at blogging and unsure of where to start, read my first post in this series to hopefully point you in the right direction. My second post tackles the more technical side of setting up your blog.

These are what you need to install WordPress manually on your host:

1. A FTP client to transfer/upload files to your server. I personally use Filezilla because it is lightweight and easy to use. Download Filezilla for free here.

2. Your FTP details. This is usually sent to you in the same email that contains your hosting account login information. Your domain is usually your FTP host, and the same username and password is used.

FTP host: yourdomain . com (port 21)
username: yourusername
password: yourpassword

You may optionally upload the WordPress compressed file directly to your hosting server’s control panel if you don’t have Fantastico and it will take care of extracting the files to the folder you specify.

3. Your copy of the latest WordPress software. Download it for free here from wordpress.org. (NOTE: WordPress.org is where you download the latest stable release of the WordPress platform. WordPress.com is where you sign up for free blog hosting.) Take note of which folder on your computer you saved the WordPress software. The easiest place to locate later is your Desktop.

4. Database information via your cpanel. You will need the database name, username and password. The database is where all of your blog posts will be stored. Your blog will simply not run without a place where it can store, update and pull all of your blog data.

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Blogging for Beginners: How To Host Your Own Blog

This is my third installment in the series of “Blogging for Beginners” posts. In my first post, we talked about purpose, topic and audience as the very first things you need to consider before embarking on the fun yet challenging world of blogging. My next post then covered how to set up your blog through popular channels offering free blog hosting services such as wordpress.com and blogger.com.

In this post, I will be sharing with you how to host your own blog.

I am aware that it may be misleading to say to host your own blog because strictly speaking, when you say you host your own blog, you are running your own server or machine that serves your web pages to your internet. For this tutorial, what I mean by hosting your own blog is employing the services of a web hosting company to house your blog instead of using free sites such as wordpress.com or blogger.com.

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Blogging for Beginners: Setting Up Your Blog

In my first post in this “Blogging for Beginners” series, we talked about the three key items that you first need to decide on when starting a blog: purpose, topic and audience. Once you’ve determined them, you will feel more confident with your blogging as you now have a pretty good idea what you will be writing about, that you have the capacity to write about it and who are likely to read your posts.

Source: Edudemic
Source: Edudemic
All it takes now is the final key ingredient to bring all three together and that is commitment. You have to be prepared to put in your time to turn out quality posts if you want people to start visiting your blog and reading what you write. Blogging is not equivalent to posting a random message on Twitter or a cute one-liner on Facebook (although people who don’t care about their audience sometimes do that). You plan on what to write and you sit down, create a draft, proofread, add, subtract, until it becomes something you can be proud of. I myself struggle at it but I am committed to keep going until I get better and I have more to write and share. If you can’t put in the time to deliver at least 2 posts a week, people whom you may already have hooked in with your earlier posts will most likely fade away and move on to other blogs that always have fresh stories. As long as you are determined and you give your 100%, writing becomes easier.

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Blogging for Beginners: How To Start A Blog

This is the first installment in a series of “Blogging for Beginners” posts. I realized I needed to break the articles down and spread out the dates of when they will be published to make them easier to read and digest. Til the next post! 🙂

This blog may be fairly new (about 2 months old), but this is the 8th blog that I’ve created since 1996. No kidding. The difference between this and the old ones is that I used to be really private about what I post, and although I did share them with a few of my friends, I never made these blogs public.

I have been asked a few times about how to start a blog. It was my lovely niece, Julia, who prompted me to write this how-to. I could sense her excitement when she asked me how she can get started and I was thrilled for her. Much of what I am going to write about are from what I have personally experienced to be effective and I don’t claim to be an expert. For expert advice, professional bloggers have more “educated” recommendations. To find them, Google is your friend. 🙂


It used to be that my only purpose for blogging was to keep an online record of my thoughts and experiences, like an online journal. Back then, I was extremely shy about sharing my posts even with my closest friends. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t follow-through with my earlier blogs, but now that I look back on it, I realized that while I needed an outlet for my writing (which were mostly ramblings and incoherent groups of sentences), I also wanted to share my passions and discuss them with like-minded people.

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My 1-minute Banana-Mango Smoothie

My husband LOVES cold or frozen food – ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies. The fruit salad that I make that I keep in the freezer is a nightly snack for him (unhealthy, I know!). I myself don’t care for these cream or dairy-filled stuff not just because I have low tolerance for lactose but because I’m just not too fond of the taste. I do like smoothies though because you can use yogurt in it instead of milk.

When I was growing up, our cousins had this ice crusher in the shape of a small brown elephant and I always marveled at how nicely the crushed ice came out (and how adorable the elephant was!), perfect for the local “iced scramble” (which I loved to buy for 1 peso a cup outside our school). They would put the ice cubes inside the back compartment of the elephant and then turn the top lever round and round until the crushed ice started coming out.

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Dining Seat Cover Makeover

I have long been obsessing over our dining seats. My sister, who previously owned the dining set, had custom-made skirts for the seats and while we still use those occasionally, I still prefer the simple look of the chairs, no frills and all.

However, the seats were plain unsightly – dirty and stained. I had originally contacted a few people who offer upholster services but then when I took a closer look at the seats, I realized I may be able to do it myself.

Yes, light bulb moment! My friend Google helped me out, as usual. I found great tips here. I was ready for my dining seat cover makeover.

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My Japanese dolls

Until about two years ago, my idea of a Japanese doll was the Sailor Moon-type appearance with flawless skin and huge, expressive eyes.  Or this doll at the left, which they actually call the Geisha doll.

I was Christmas shopping at Rustan’s Makati and browsing their knick-knacks when I saw the dolls. Oh my! It was love at first sight! The hubby had gotten started on his miniature die-cast car collection and we had been thinking about starting one for me (as if I didn’t have enough stuff to collect).

These are Kimmidolls – Japanese dolls by an Australian company, manufactured in China (!). These dolls are of the “creative” type – which means that the artists have more freedom in terms of shape, design and color, compared to the traditional Japanese dolls, the kokeshi.* 

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I got on the digi perm bandwagon

I have always had straight hair. It used to be really straight and then the humidity caught up with me until it became frizzy and limp. I have thin hair so I can’t get a rebond. I toyed with a hair-straightener for about a year because my housemate with the same type of hair coaxed me into it, but like always, I got lazy. I never really took time to brush or do anything special to my hair except the usual conditioning or treatment.

Then a friend of mind got a digi-perm, and suddenly more girls are. This Korean craze has been quite popular here for some time now but I’ve never really been the girly girl so I really didn’t put much thought into it.

Until late last year when I suddenly realized how boring my hair was and I just wanted to try something new. I first asked about it when I got my highlights done by Alex Carbonell. He advised me to wait until my hair’s 3 inches longer to do it. I was willing to wait til it grew out this July but then I went to a Fix Lab outlet at the Trinoma and Chad, the stylist, suggested that I get a digi perm to add volume. And so I did (it didn’t take a lot of convincing). The hubby sat with me all of three hours (bless him) while he got a manicure and foot spa.  Continue reading I got on the digi perm bandwagon