New Additions to My Kimmidoll Tribe

I love kokeshi! I’ve been collecting Kimmidolls for two years now and the new dolls always make me want to have more!

As soon as I saw the post by Kimmidoll Philippines about the March 2013 dolls, I knew I just had to have one! I loved Kyoka on their photo, because she’s garbed in just white with blue lines and is so different from my other dolls’ striking colors. Plus, Kyoka means “happiness”!

Kyoka "Happiness"
Kyoka – Happiness

We were at Rustan’s at the Alabang Town Center today and immediately looked for Kyoka. The husband insisted that we get two more from the March collection though, so I ended up with three additions to my Kimmidoll tribe, including Yoshiko (Good Luck) and Satoko (Sincerity). They look so nice together on one of my shelves.

Yoshiko "Good Luck"
Yoshiko – Good Luck
Satoko "Serenity"
Satoko – Serenity

Now that I think about it, I should have gotten Hiro (Generosity) too since I think there are only 4 maxis in the March 2013 collection anyway.

I’m discovering that more and more Pinays are collecting them, and it’s so exciting to have a growing community of local collectors to share this passion with!

What’s your latest Kimmidoll?

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4 thoughts on “New Additions to My Kimmidoll Tribe”

  1. Alas, I lost the battle. Nasa kanya na yung keyfob. Anyway, I read your recent post re Kimmidolls in Rustan’s. Aren’t they going to sell anymore? 🙁

    1. I’m not sure pero nasa isang corner na lang sila and parang pinapaubos na lang yung stock. 🙁 Walang bago. Sa Shang ako tumingin. Don’t know if ganon din sa ibang Rustan’s.

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