Fabric Addict

Ibang level na ang ka-adikan ko sa tela. HELP ME!

Ever since I learned how to sew last month, I had been buying fabric non-stop. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

I finally convinced the husband to go to Divisoria with me. He had been concerned with the crowd and having no parking, but it turned out he was worried for nothing. There was a LOT of parking space due to the malls that have cropped up in the area, and surprisingly, not a lot of people as well. With my sister in tow, we made our way from the Tutuban mall to Ilaya St. where all the glorious and affordable fabric are. 

You know that feeling of overwhelm when there’s just too much to look at? That usually happens to me. Personally, I hate window shopping. That is why if I see something I like, I buy it because I really don’t like going around to look and compare stuff (yes, I am THAT lazy). Especially when there are rows and rows of wares and the area is narrow. Thank goodness it wasn’t summer yet. We had gone at around 10 in the morning and the sun was forgiving at the time. I really only wanted to buy some zippers and just *look* at what’s available and the prices, but of course, I just had to buy 12 yards of the lovely fabric for my windows, and another 12 yards to change our cushion covers (again!). Why wouldn’t I if the they only cost Php 110-120 a yard? I also bought some fusible interfacing, thread and cording.


Isn’t it gorgeous? My sister and I fell in love with it immediately but I had dibs since I saw it first. 😀 Now I just have to find time and figure out how and what to do with these to make them into curtains.

You know what else we enjoyed? The really cheap food over at the row of carinderias! All these for Php 220.


By the next week, I had bought more fabric but this time from Fabric Warehouse at SM North. I had read blog posts on where to find good and affordable fabric without going to Divi, and Fabric Warehouse was almost always on the list. I must admit I splurged a bit. Ang gaganda kasi!


And it didn’t stop there! Just last week, we were off to Glorietta 5 to go to Cotton Depot. I read that they sold several types of cotton and at really good prices. I found these lovely fabric:


I realized just as I was pre-washing them that I may have gone a tad overboard. You would call that hoarding. This fabric addict is going to stop. For now.

In my next post I’ll share what I’ve made so far with some of these plus those that were sent over by my sister. Yes, sewing is what I do with all my free time now and I love it! 😀

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7 thoughts on “Fabric Addict”

  1. Hahahahaha! Apir! Kung minsan, I’d spend hours sa Fabric Warehouse and Carolinas. I also buy retazos — yung mga 1 meter or less. I don’t even have a project in mind yet. Sayang kasi. Might make some buntings for summer. 🙂
    Ang ganda nung blue and red fabric mo na terno.

    1. Thanks! I keep discovering new patterns and types of fabric – my stash is getting bigger and bigger! Akala mo naman expert! Hahaha

  2. Ahhhhh! kakainggit! There are no good fabrcis here in Baguio. I really wish I can go to Divisoria too. Thanks for sharing this! I’m a tela addict too!

    1. No need to go to Divisoria – there are lots of stores online that sell great and affordable fabric! Instagram and Facebook. 🙂

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