Digi perm 6th month update

My hair has grown really long! I’ve only just noticed it because it’s always up in a bun, what with the really hot and humid weather. As expected, my waves have moved down and loosened, but still very much noticeable, especially after washing it. It’s true what they say that the curls do come alive again after showering.

My vanity fund (haha!) is getting drained fast by my constant use of Kerastase’s Oleo-Curl (a big dollop a day after shower). I use up an entire 150ml bottle in about two weeks! So I decided to look for a more affordable (but not cheap!) alternative. On one of our Sunday trips to Makati, I walked by Piandre at Greenbelt 1 and saw this new line of products in their window display. I must confess, it was the packaging that got me. The earthy look promised all-natural ingredients used in the product.

Have I told you that I am an advocate of natural products now? 😀

macadamia-oilAnyway, the new line they are carrying is Macadamia Natural Oil. They use only pure macadamia and argan oils to repair problem hair. I did some research on macadamia oil and confirmed that this oil does make the hair and scalp healthier! In fact, people refer to it as ‘nearly perfect‘ because of the numerous benefits we can get from it. I was giddy with excitement and talked to the sales person who approached me to know more. I decided to purchase the 250ml bottle of Reviving Curl Cream for my waves. I know that this is not necessarily a substitute for the Kerastase as this falls under their Style section, and not Care. But it may as well be. The sales person gave me tips on how to use the cream – just a very small (even less than pea-sized for me because I have thin hair) amount mixed with just a drop of pure macadamia oil (that they also sell but I felt was too expensive for about Php 400+ per 10ml bottle).

I’ve been using the Reviving Curl Cream for about a month now. How do I find it? GREAT! I put a pea sized amount on my palm and add a drop of macadamia oil (that I purchased from a local supplier for less than Php 400 for a 50ml bottle) and then mixed them a bit by rubbing my palms together and applied them to my curls while my hair is still damp from the shower. It’s a little sticky at first application but it dries fast and I love how it keeps my curls together! I don’t really like (or know) how to style my curls and it looks like the product is doing the job for me. The smell is also wonderful, not citrusy but fresh. Please remember not to use TOO MUCH as you will only think that the product makes your hair heavy. I love that I don’t have to use a lot because that means I don’t need to buy another bottle in the next 3 months!

I’m still very happy with my digi perm after 6 months. And I don’t even have to put a lot of care into it. I just do the normal routine – shampooing, detangling while conditioning, towel-dry, apply product while hair is damp, air-dry, no brushing – and voila! My hair is healthy and still maintains its curls 🙂

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