Digi perm 11th month update

I have been so caught up in work and a lot of other stuff that I have not been able to write here as much as I would have liked, especially to update you on the digi perm I got last January.

On my 8th month update I told you that I had still been using the Macadamia Natural Oil and up until last month, the bottle that I had was still half-full.

What changed last month? I cut my hair! The stylist at The Basement Salon took 6 inches off my tresses. I was half-expecting him to discourage me but he happily snipped away. I guess he was as bored as I was with my hair. Yes, I just got too impatient. The curls6-inches-hair-cut-off were still intact albeit loose but I just grew tired of the look and couldn’t wait to finally brush my hair again and not have to maintain it everyday with products. Plus, I had my hair tied up a lot anyway so it wasn’t like I had a lot of opportunity to show off my curls. The hair cut was due and I didn’t even bat an eyelash when I saw the locks of hair on the floor. Still, I took a photo as a souvenir. Since I don’t have to moisturize my hair a lot now that it’s cut really short (layered shoulder-length), I had decided to switch to another scent of Human Heart Nature shampoo and conditioner. I saw this variant on the shelves of Rustans Supermarket – Peppermint for Strengthening. I remembered how much the husband and I enjoyed the minty shampoo human-nature-peppermintand conditioner we used at Sonya’s Garden and hoped that I would get the same sensation from this. And it did not disappoint! I love the shock of cold on my scalp just a few seconds after I massage the shampoo and conditioner into my hair. The only thing that I’ve noticed is how oily my scalp becomes if I don’t wash my hair right away in the morning. I remember that I had experienced this prior to my digi perm and perhaps I had just gotten used to the dryness in the past 11 months. Or maybe it’s the new shampoo. It’s not too greasy though so it doesn’t really bother me that much.

So that ends my dance with the digi perm trend. I’m glad I did it, as I had never been the adventurous type when it comes to my hair (or any part of my body for that matter). Except for the occasional hair coloring and the cellophane treatment I got when I was 14, I was never the type who kept up with the latest salon trends. Thank goodness I don’t have any digi perm nightmares to share! Do you?



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