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Must Love Dogs

I have a 6-month-old post about Bishop in my drafts folder, waiting to be completed and published. I still can’t bring myself to finish it so I won’t. It has been that long since we had lost him, and we

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Doggie Love

Dogs know when we’re happy or angry My sister posted this article on Facebook this morning and I was immediately reminded of what happened two weeks ago. I was in the craft room, quietly crying over an incident that really

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Stilts Calatagan in Batangas

Summer is here again and before school lets out and the beaches get crowded, the husband and I trooped to one for my birthday weekend. We had been looking for a pet-friendly beach so that our ten-year-old labrador retriever, Bishop,

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The Dog In The Park

We went on our usual run at the park late this afternoon despite the headache I had suffered since after lunch. On our second round, we noticed this adorable white dog with brown patches tied to a bench. She looked like

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Merry Christmas!

I tried this Santa hat on my cat, Cody. He didn’t look happy and was more than his usual grumpy self. Reminded me of the Grinch.

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Cody, Our Persian-Himalayan Cat

It’s my birthday today and I thought I’d write about this one precious gift that was given to me 5 years ago. đŸ™‚ Prior to having our pets now, I was a given a puppy by one of my best

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