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I am still alive!

Wow. My last post was in April! I’m sorry! I have kept myself so busy with work and not having a maid, and my sewing projects. Then we had our clan reunion in Bohol, then had to go home to

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Doggie Love

Dogs know when we’re happy or angry My sister posted this article on Facebook this morning and I was immediately reminded of what happened two weeks ago. I was in the craft room, quietly crying over an incident that really

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Stilts Calatagan in Batangas

Summer is here again and before school lets out and the beaches get crowded, the husband and I trooped to one for my birthday weekend. We had been looking for a pet-friendly beach so that our ten-year-old labrador retriever, Bishop,

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Inappropriate Comments

For the second time in two days, salespeople have made inappropriate comments toward me: As I was paying for my sewing machine yesterday: “Ma’am, wala kayong anak? (You have no kids?) Kaya ka ba naghahanap ng malilibangan? (Is that why

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Allergy Attacks

Feeling drained. I’ve been battling allergies for the past week. Today was the worst attack so far right from when I awoke this morning. I love this place where we live now but all this fresh, cold air seem to

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Confession of an Eyebrow-less Diva

As I was penciling in my eyebrows yesterday (yes, I have sparse eyebrows), I noticed a strand fall off. I couldn’t believe it! Shet! Tatatlo na nga lang ang buhok sa kilay ko, natanggal pa ang isa! *arrrrghhhhh*

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The Little Prince Movie

I can’t wait!!!

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Because Galunggong

This lady from the Greenpeace booth at the Edsa Shang called me over to sign on their form as a means of showing support for their efforts in preserving the marine ecosystem. While she was giving a presentation on how the

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Pergola and Deck Project

It’s been a month since we moved to the new place and we’ve been pretty busy sprucing up one area of the lot. This was how it looked. Before we moved in, a truckload of gravel was laid on top of

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Giving an Old Bed a New Old Look

As soon as we made our final decision to stay put in Manila and move to a bigger and quieter space, I immediately thought of giving an old bed a new old look, shabby chic-style. We have one of those

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