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Fabric Addict

Ibang level na ang ka-adikan ko sa tela. HELP ME! Ever since I learned how to sew last month, I had been buying fabric non-stop. It’s a sickness, I tell you. I finally convinced the husband to go to Divisoria with

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I’m Sew-Savvy

My sister and I had planned to go all the way to Divisoria today to look at fabrics. I wanted to buy materials that I needed for sewing as well. YES! I finally purchased a machine – just the low-end

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Giving an Old Bed a New Old Look

As soon as we made our final decision to stay put in Manila and move to a bigger and quieter space, I immediately thought of giving an old bed a new old look, shabby chic-style. We have one of those

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Side Table Restoration

We salvaged some old side tables from the husband’s family home, and I took it upon myself to restore them as well. They’ve been placed alongside our bed for the past couple of years and, because of the dark brown

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Nursery Dresser Restoration

It’s my Dad’s birthday today, and his and Mom’s 56th wedding anniversary! I know he is looking down at my Mom and our family from heaven. 🙂 As for me, well we had moved to a new house with more

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Dining Seat Cover Makeover

I have long been obsessing over our dining seats. My sister, who previously owned the dining set, had custom-made skirts for the seats and while we still use those occasionally, I still prefer the simple look of the chairs, no

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ala-Shabby Chic

We were sorting out stuff we kept in the storage room one afternoon and I saw this sad-looking magazine rack tucked away in the corner, barely visible under the pile of rags draped over it. I instantly knew what to

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Our DIY Wedding

My husband and I watched the movie “27 Dresses” and James Marsden’s character mentions that weddings are a billion dollar industry. That couldn’t be more true! That was not the case for our DIY wedding though. I was leaving for

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