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Yosi Samra Love

I recently developed the habit of buying shoes. I was never a shoe addict. Purses have always been my thing. There was a time when I would buy a lot of flip-flops at a time but never a bunch of shoes. When

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Pandora Philippines Private Sale

I’ve been a loyal Pandora customer (and gift-recipient) ever since the brand hit Philippine shores. So when I received the email invite for the so-called Members-only Private Sale on Dec 29th, I was ecstatic. Pandora has never had a sale

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My Kokeshi from Australia

I got so excited when my sister who lives in Australia told me that she was sending over a kokeshi for me that she saw in a vintage shop in Sydney. It took a while for it to arrive since

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Birthday in Tagaytay: Puzzle Mansion

We’ve passed by the signs pointing to Puzzle Mansion so many times during our many trips to Tagaytay but we never got around to going to the place. All we knew was that the place literally was a Guinness record-holding

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Satchel Love Et Al

I have been lusting after the Proenza Schouler PS1 in military for about a year now. I just love how understated it is but completely functional with all sorts of compartments. I felt that the medium size was just right

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New Additions to My Kimmidoll Tribe

I love kokeshi! I’ve been collecting Kimmidolls for two years now and the new dolls always make me want to have more! As soon as I saw the post by Kimmidoll Philippines about the March 2013 dolls, I knew I

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My Japanese dolls

Until about two years ago, my idea of a Japanese doll was the Sailor Moon-type appearance with flawless skin and huge, expressive eyes.  Or this doll at the left, which they actually call the Geisha doll. I was Christmas shopping at

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