Inappropriate Comments

For the second time in two days, salespeople have made inappropriate comments toward me:

  1. As I was paying for my sewing machine yesterday: “Ma’am, wala kayong anak? (You have no kids?) Kaya ka ba naghahanap ng malilibangan? (Is that why you’re looking for a hobby?)”.
  2. As I was booking a venue for my birthday and told the lady that I didn’t want any birthday decor: “Catholic ka ba? (Are you Catholic?)”.

What gives???

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Unboxing the Personal Microderm

PMD-Tool-Classic-seal-510x510It was by accident that I chanced upon the Personal Microderm. I never have time to go out for a facial anymore so I was searching the Philosophy website for microderm abrasion treatments that I can do at home. Not sure exactly how I saw the ad for Personal Microderm but there it was.

After reading through their site and combing Google for reviews on the product, I was hooked. I immediately placed an order, albeit nervous about the customs tax that I was sure would be exorbitant.

The checkout process was smooth and I used a promo code from a blogger that gave me 20% off. Aside from adding some blue discs which I am sure would be difficult to buy here in the PI, I also paid for shipping at $35. A receipt for my order was sent via email just a couple of minutes after I paid.  Read more ›

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Allergy Attacks

Feeling drained. I’ve been battling allergies for the past week. Today was the worst attack so far right from when I awoke this morning.

I love this place where we live now but all this fresh, cold air seem to be bad for me. My husband thinks it’s probably the pollen.

I finally fell asleep for 3 hours this afternoon but it struck again as soon as I awoke. It’s terrible! I’d never had this until we moved here. And now I’m wide awake at 1:25 in the morning writing this, still sneezing and wheezing but unable to sleep.

I am so tired.

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Confession of an Eyebrow-less Diva

As I was penciling in my eyebrows yesterday (yes, I have sparse eyebrows), I noticed a strand fall off.

I couldn’t believe it!

Shet! Tatatlo na nga lang ang buhok sa kilay ko, natanggal pa ang isa!


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Pandora Philippines Private Sale

I’ve been a loyal Pandora customer (and gift-recipient) ever since the brand hit Philippine shores. So when I received the email invite for the so-called Members-only Private Sale on Dec 29th, I was ecstatic. Pandora has never had a sale – not once. I made a point to enter the 5-hour one-day only sale in my calendar and booked my husband’s time to drive me to the nearest branch at the Trinoma.

This was their email:

We are excited to announce a Private PANDORA Sale happening December 29th, 11AM to 4PM across all PANDORA branches. This sale is exclusive to all our valued members and grants you early access to various collections at reduced price points of up to 30% to 50% discount.

Read more ›

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Epicurious in Manila

It was a Sunday afternoon and the husband and I had just finally finished our Christmas shopping. We decided to grab a bite to eat before heading home. Shangrila Mall is our favorite mall but since we had moved out and away from Kapitolyo, this was our first visit here in 4 months.

Since we were mostly familiar with the original mall, we wandered off into the new wing until we almost reached a dead end – or so we thought. From afar, I saw a funky sign “Epicurious” and knew instantly that we had to try it out. I knew I had heard that name before somewhere.

Epicurious Manila is a combination of deli + bakery + cafe + shop for foodies/food lovers. My husband and I love meat and so it was a real treat to see all kinds of meat and cheeses on display. They can serve you slices of ham and cheeses of your choice in a platter, or they can choose for you. It’s like Santis except that Santis does not have a sit-down area for meals. Read more ›

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The Little Prince Movie

I can’t wait!!!

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Because Galunggong

This lady from the Greenpeace booth at the Edsa Shang called me over to sign on their form as a means of showing support for their efforts in preserving the marine ecosystem. While she was giving a presentation on how the size of our local fish are getting smaller and smaller due to continuous abuse of their habitat (which is really alarming, btw!), she asked me if I loved seafood to which I answered yes. She proceeded to point to ‘galunggong’ (local scad or mackerel) in the photos, looked me up and down and remarked, “You look sosyal – I don’t think you eat galunggong”. I wanted to punch her in the face. And yes, she was speaking in Taglish – the usual conyo talk. Who’s sosyal (or pa-sosyal) now?

And she expected me to contribute to Greenpeace Php 800 a month after that spectacle?

NOTE: I don’t like the taste of galunggong, or hito, because for me they taste like paper.

P.S.: Greenpeace, you have got to screen the people who speak for you.

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Fly Dubai

It’s been 5 years since I was last in Dubai and so much have changed over the years. One thing that hasn’t though is the fact that everything outdoors is still dusty no matter how many green trees they have taken great pains to grow and build irrigation for. Since we traveled late in the year though, the weather was cooler and much like the Philippines’ except that it’s not humid. Even if we walked around a lot, we didn’t sweat as much as we would have back home. And so dusting sand off our clothes at the end of the day is a small price to pay for being able to walk around feeling (and smelling!) fresh. Read more ›

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Joy in Gardening

I have been busy. Busy in the sense that my days have been filled with activities at home that do not just include work.

One of these activities that has surprisingly been very enjoyable for me is gardening.

My Mother and her Father were avid gardeners. They both had green thumbs and would tend to the lushest of gardens. Before my Mother moved back to Bacolod, she lived with us for a few years and the places that we’d lived in (we moved quite a lot) always had the greenest and healthiest plants.

Except to compliment her on her work, I never really bothered to observe what she does or how she does it. Which is why it was such a surprise that I started going into gardening when we moved into our new place. I do admit that I had attempted to care for basil before but that was it – just an attempt – as I lost interest just as soon as I purchased the plant. They say basil does not need much attention, but it still didn’t last long. Read more ›

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