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I had been too busy and had not noticed that none of my links nor comments work – sorry about that! In the past year I had moved to a new hosting provider, this time a Cloud VPS. It is significantly cheaper and more reliable, but at the same time I had to set everything up myself from the command line. I neglected to test the links!

All is well and good now. :)

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Merry Christmas!

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S3 Eyebrow Stranding

If  you read my post about how sparse my eyebrows are, you’d understand how this is probably one of the things that makes me really insecure. I didn’t really mind having to take a few minutes drawing my brows on before going out or receiving guests at home, but it was really embarrassing coming out of the water during a recent grand family reunion at the beach. I couldn’t look at myself in the pictures.

As if by some cosmic power, I saw this huge billboard of PrettyLooks’ coming from the airport on our way back from the reunion. PrettyLooks is an aesthetic centre specializing in eyebrow restructuring. Their before and after photos looked pretty impressive. Read more ›

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Yosi Samra Love

I recently developed the habit of buying shoes. I was never a shoe addict. Purses have always been my thing. There was a time when I would buy a lot of flip-flops at a time but never a bunch of shoes.

When I say shoes, I don’t mean the high-heeled kind. They hurt like a b*tch and I’m not about to subject my feet to that kind of suffering.

I mean flats. The kind that’s super comfy and almost feels like a glove worn around the feet. I’ve been wearing ballet flats for a while (but mostly sandals). I heard about Tieks – super expensive and (thank goodness!) not available here in the PH. I would have bankrupted myself from buying their ridiculously expensive but really cute-looking flats.

Read more ›

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My Body Is Weak

And I have believed that for a while now. Last Monday night I suddenly awoke due to a sharp pain behind my left kneecap (yes, of all places). I had experienced some pain earlier in the evening but it had somehow escalated while I was asleep. It came and went for a few minutes and I kept twisting my leg around hoping to find some relief until I finally tucked my left leg in under my thigh and the husband gave me a Biogesic (my only go-to pain reliever). Not sure if it was the medicine but I finally fell asleep again. Read more ›

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Morning Walk

I try to go on walks every day as I am usually in front of my computer all day for the entire week. I used to run but my shin would always hurt for some reason (umm, fats?).  My husband would come with me at times and take our 2 dogs with us (as I cannot be trusted with walking both of them on my own) but most of the time, it’s just me and my music.

I came out earlier than usual today and expected the neighborhood streets to be deserted. Just a few houses down, I saw the familiar three-legged dog, but with a shih tzu partner this time. As I walked past them, the shih tzu suddenly lunged and barked at me, with the sidekick cheering him on. He kept bumping into me. Read more ›

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I am still alive!

Wow. My last post was in April! I’m sorry! I have kept myself so busy with work and not having a maid, and my sewing projects. Then we had our clan reunion in Bohol, then had to go home to my hometown Bacolod to keep my Mom company for a week. To top it off, the rains have made it impossible to keep our yard clean so there is the constant leaf-picking that never seem to end. KAPOY!

There is so much I want to write about that I don’t even know where to start, or if I even have the energy to.

I will give my next post a lot of thought so I have at least something worthy to read again. Haha! Talk later!


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Doggie Love

Dogs know when we’re happy or angry

My sister posted this article on Facebook this morning and I was immediately reminded of what happened two weeks ago. I was in the craft room, quietly crying over an incident that really devastated me, and the husband had just gone in to comfort me. As he was leaving the room, I noticed that our two dogs were standing outside the door, staring at me. The look of concern was plastered on their faces. When I looked at them, it seemed as if they took that as a cue to come inside the room and nuzzle me with their noses. They were not allowed in the room much less in that general area of the house, and were always aware of that and seldom attempted to even go near. However, they must have felt my sadness and forgot all about the house rules to rush beside me and comfort me. It was so heartwarming. I really felt so loved by them. Having them in my life is such a blessing.



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Fabric Addict

Ibang level na ang ka-adikan ko sa tela. HELP ME!

Ever since I learned how to sew last month, I had been buying fabric non-stop. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

I finally convinced the husband to go to Divisoria with me. He had been concerned with the crowd and having no parking, but it turned out he was worried for nothing. There was a LOT of parking space due to the malls that have cropped up in the area, and surprisingly, not a lot of people as well. With my sister in tow, we made our way from the Tutuban mall to Ilaya St. where all the glorious and affordable fabric are.  Read more ›

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Go Abu Dhabi

I apologize for the delay in publishing this post as I didn’t have much time to write and I knew this was going to be a long one. Anyway, here’s the second leg of our UAE trip last November. I wrote about the Dubai stretch in this post.

We made our way to Abu Dhabi by bus from Dubai. It was a dusty morning as usual, but the cool breeze made it bearable to stand in the queue. Since I had stayed in the UAE for a few months some years ago, I had anticipated that the females will again stand before the males when boarding the bus. I didn’t see that this time. However, there were still two queues: one for families traveling together, or individual females, and another for single males. We stood in the first line but that did not mean that we all went up the bus first. We were split up in batches so that people from both queues get to secure seats. Inside the bus, a man still could not sit beside a woman unless she is his wife or family, or if they are both Filipino (at least it certainly seemed that way). Read more ›

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