Doggie Love

Dogs know when we’re happy or angry

My sister posted this article on Facebook this morning and I was immediately reminded of what happened two weeks ago. I was in the craft room, quietly crying over an incident that really devastated me, and the husband had just gone in to comfort me. As he was leaving the room, I noticed that our two dogs were standing outside the door, staring at me. The look of concern was plastered on their faces. When I looked at them, it seemed as if they took that as a cue to come inside the room and nuzzle me with their noses. They were not allowed in the room much less in that general area of the house, and were always aware of that and seldom attempted to even go near. However, they must have felt my sadness and forgot all about the house rules to rush beside me and comfort me. It was so heartwarming. I really felt so loved by them. Having them in my life is such a blessing.



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Fabric Addict

Ibang level na ang ka-adikan ko sa tela. HELP ME!

Ever since I learned how to sew last month, I had been buying fabric non-stop. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

I finally convinced the husband to go to Divisoria with me. He had been concerned with the crowd and having no parking, but it turned out he was worried for nothing. There was a LOT of parking space due to the malls that have cropped up in the area, and surprisingly, not a lot of people as well. With my sister in tow, we made our way from the Tutuban mall to Ilaya St. where all the glorious and affordable fabric are.  Read more ›

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Go Abu Dhabi

I apologize for the delay in publishing this post as I didn’t have much time to write and I knew this was going to be a long one. Anyway, here’s the second leg of our UAE trip last November. I wrote about the Dubai stretch in this post.

We made our way to Abu Dhabi by bus from Dubai. It was a dusty morning as usual, but the cool breeze made it bearable to stand in the queue. Since I had stayed in the UAE for a few months some years ago, I had anticipated that the females will again stand before the males when boarding the bus. I didn’t see that this time. However, there were still two queues: one for families traveling together, or individual females, and another for single males. We stood in the first line but that did not mean that we all went up the bus first. We were split up in batches so that people from both queues get to secure seats. Inside the bus, a man still could not sit beside a woman unless she is his wife or family, or if they are both Filipino (at least it certainly seemed that way). Read more ›

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Stilts Calatagan in Batangas

Summer is here again and before school lets out and the beaches get crowded, the husband and I trooped to one for my birthday weekend. We had been looking for a pet-friendly beach so that our ten-year-old labrador retriever, Bishop, may experience how it is to frolic in the sand while he is still able to. When I saw that a friend was a fan of the Facebook page of Stilts Calatagan in Batangas, I looked at their photos of the place and saw that they are open to bringing in pets. I was excited for my babies!

It took about 3 hours from our house in QC to the resort via the Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway.

These lovely trees lined the road along a hacienda in Batangas owned by Enrique Zobel

These lovely trees lined the road along a hacienda in Batangas owned by Enrique Zobel

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Beauty and the Beast Musical

We managed to catch Disney’s hit Broadway musical “Beauty and the Beast” the day before they wrapped up production in Manila (I think they had already extended twice) on February 8. It was actually our way of celebrating Valentine’s Day the week before the actual day. The husband and I weren’t too keen on getting stuck in traffic as millions of couples swarm the metro to go on a date.


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Lady Gaga Surprises at the Oscars 2015

I was one of those who were taken completely by surprise when yesterday Lady Gaga sang a melody of “The Sound of Music” songs at this year’s Oscars.

This led me to finding more about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – her real name. With a background in Music History and some unknown albums early in her career, she felt the need (like any other mainstream pop musicians) to revamp her image in the hopes of being noticed, and noticed she was.

Here’s a performance from her pre-Lady Gaga years:

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I’m Sew-Savvy

My sister and I had planned to go all the way to Divisoria today to look at fabrics. I wanted to buy materials that I needed for sewing as well. YES! I finally purchased a machine – just the low-end one with basic stitches – that can aid a novice like me without breaking the bank. This is a Singer Promise 1408 with 8 built-in stitches and automatic 4-step buttonhole.


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Inappropriate Comments

For the second time in two days, salespeople have made inappropriate comments toward me:

  1. As I was paying for my sewing machine yesterday: “Ma’am, wala kayong anak? (You have no kids?) Kaya ka ba naghahanap ng malilibangan? (Is that why you’re looking for a hobby?)”.
  2. As I was booking a venue for my birthday and told the lady that I didn’t want any birthday decor: “Catholic ka ba? (Are you Catholic?)”.

What gives???

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Unboxing the Personal Microderm

PMD-Tool-Classic-seal-510x510It was by accident that I chanced upon the Personal Microderm. I never have time to go out for a facial anymore so I was searching the Philosophy website for microderm abrasion treatments that I can do at home. Not sure exactly how I saw the ad for Personal Microderm but there it was.

After reading through their site and combing Google for reviews on the product, I was hooked. I immediately placed an order, albeit nervous about the customs tax that I was sure would be exorbitant.

The checkout process was smooth and I used a promo code from a blogger that gave me 20% off. Aside from adding some blue discs which I am sure would be difficult to buy here in the PI, I also paid for shipping at $35. A receipt for my order was sent via email just a couple of minutes after I paid.  Read more ›

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Allergy Attacks

Feeling drained. I’ve been battling allergies for the past week. Today was the worst attack so far right from when I awoke this morning.

I love this place where we live now but all this fresh, cold air seem to be bad for me. My husband thinks it’s probably the pollen.

I finally fell asleep for 3 hours this afternoon but it struck again as soon as I awoke. It’s terrible! I’d never had this until we moved here. And now I’m wide awake at 1:25 in the morning writing this, still sneezing and wheezing but unable to sleep.

I am so tired.

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